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Q: How Do I record an interview or a meeting?
A: Here's a few tips to help achieve better recordings...(read more)

Q: What exactly is Audio Forensics?
A: Forsensic Audio - To audibly discern what is recorded....(read more)

Q: How do I get my files to Sonic Restoration?
A: First, give us a call and we will discuss what needs to happen next....(read more)

Q: What if my company is not based in New Mexico or California?
A: We offer a secure server for where clients can upload....(read more)

Q: How do I use the courier service?
A: We offer pickup and drop off of files to better serve clients....(read more)

Q: Does Sonic Restoration provide Expert Witness testimonial?
A: We sure do. Our expertise in forensic audio is available 24/7....(read more)

Q: Does my company need Sonic Restoration's services?
A: If you're a radio producer, an attorney, a law enforcement agency....(read more)
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Sonic Restoration offers premier audio restoration services for public institutions and individuals. We enhance, clarify, restore, analyze, and fix damaged audio files.

Audio Restoration performed in a secure, professional post audio production studio.

Enhancement and Clarification removes unwanted noise from recordings. Get rid of hum, hiss, clicks, and pops from analog and digital audio recordings.

Audio Forensic Services used by attorneys, law enforcement agencies, and private investigators. We provide forensic analysis, and expert testimony for civil and criminal trials.

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